Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Me!

Welcome to my blog, Workin' for the Yankee Dollar.

What is Working for the Yankee Dollar, you ask? It's an Andrews Sisters lyric.  I just really like it.  I'm random like that. :)

Who am I, you ask? Well let me tell you! My name is Miki, and I...
am 26
am a graduate student, studying Theater Education (will be a drama teacher someday...SOON, hopefully!)
LOVE it, EATING it, looking at pictures of it, researching new recipes to make name it!
am a theatre FREAK, especially with MUSICALS
am a photography NUT
am SINGLE ;)
love my friends and family
am gainfully employed as an administrative assistant at a recruiting comany
LOVE The Biggest Loser, ER, House, The Dollhouse, Bones and Lost
am a New England girl, through and through.

Is that too much info? Maybe.

Really,  I just need a place to be ME.  To gather all my thoughts, and what not. 

And hey, how about I list some of my favorite blogs? Wouldn't that be FUN? hehe
First up, Pioneer Woman.  I am OBSESSED with all things Pioneer Woman.  For shizz.  She pretty much rocks my world.  Is that a little SWF? Maybe.  Yikes.  I take it back.
I also love Cake Wrecks and Fuck You, Penguin.  Both are just SO hilarious, they make me laugh.  I can't even help myself.
And for all you Broadway lovers out there, I just love Andrew's Blog.  He's hilarious and crazy, and knows what's what.  And he's a PRESHIE.
I'm almost done, I promise.  Last two.  Friends of mine...first up is Life Beyond the Postseason.  Ever heard of a little women's b-ball team from the University of Connecticut? Ally's dad is the coach.  And she's pretty awesome herself.  She blogs about everything...her dad's career, meeting OBAMA (JEALOUS!), and her life as a working actress in NYC.  She rocks my socks. 
Last but not least, my friend Annie's blog [clever title].  She ultra-sassy.  And a pop-culture FREAK.  It's why I kinda love her a lot.

That's all for now folks...hopefully I will see this blog through!
Things you can look for here:
Random thoughts
Photos (praying for a digital SLR! My poor Canon film SLR just ain't cutting it anymore!)
Theatre reviews/news
HI-larious Youtube videos
Whatever else I feel like!

Gossip Girl


Toodles poodles!

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