Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I still love high school musicals...

No, not THE High School Musicals (though don't tell anyone, they are my secret obsession.  Shhh.  The choreography is really good!!)...high school musicals.

I went back to my old high school this weekend to see their spring musical, Brigadoon.  Now, a little background here (since I didn't go back just to be a creeper.)  I'm very good friends with...the director, assistant director, choreographer, assistant choreographer, musical director, tech director, set designer, and producer/costume designer.  Maybe because I've not only worked with all of them (most of them are returning staffers from last year, when I was the assistant choreographer/"critique fairy" for Guys and Dolls, but they are also all really good friends.

And I have to say, I was IMPRESSED!! Those kids always pull off a good show, but this was absolutely breathtaking to watch.  The choreography was seamless and beautiful (and I don't just say that because JJ's my best friend), and the kids danced it beautifully.  That's WHS's strong suit - the dancing, particularly guys dancing, which is always a crowd pleaser.  The leads were all fair - Charlie was by far my favorite...natural actor (although I heard it was quite a battle to get him there), and a beautiful singer (when it's in his range...but he's forgiven...he was only a FRESHMAN!!!).  And I was very proud of all the returning kids I knew - particularly DM, AF, AS and KKM.  GREAT job, guys, you all Briga-ROCKED!

This is definitely on my list of shows to do when I am a teacher! It's just one of those classic shows...sure, it may be a bit dated, but it's just so simple and beautiful, and I was surprised how well it was pulled off at WHS, considering they had just lost a VERY talented senior class the year before.

I also got a chance to talk to SA, who is the director of Brigadoon (and coincidentally, was also the director of my senior musical in high school!), and we were discussing what show they were thinking of doing the next year - there's so much more planning involved than I thought, and a lot of guesswork involved.  She mentioned Titanic as a possibility, which I would die from sheer happiness if they did.  I think they're gunning for Chicago, but that might be hard, as we are not far from NYC, and we can't get the rights while it's playing on Broadway...so DON'T GO SEE CHICAGO, so it can close and a high school in CT can do it. :)

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