Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was going to do a recap of the Tonys, but that would actually take effort.  I have therefore listed for your reading pleasure, the FTW moments of the night:

Bret Michaels running into the set in the opening number. 
HAIR in the opening number...for REAL FTW.
Obama Mia.
Neil Patrick Harris' shiny leather suit.
Angela Lansbury.
N2N winning best score.
An appearance by Lin Manuel Miranda - when he smiles the world lights up.
WSS - Mambo and Josephina's AMAZING high note crack.
ROA.  Period.
The Michigan hand point in the ROA performance.
An appearance by John Stamos.  He's so pretty.
Greg Jbara. He's completely adorable.
Karen Olivo winning the freaking Tony.  AMAZING.
"Please welcome from the cast of Next to Normal, the cast of Next to Normal!"
Every appearance of Aaron Tveit.  BeYOND adorable.
Geoffrey Rush's acceptance speech.  Wonderful.
The In Memoriam.  Beautiful arrangement of "What I Did For Love"
Frank Langella being totally not bitter over not being nominated this year.
Billy Elliot's cool tap dancing, accented by awkward yelling
HAIR's performance...THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE, PEOPLE!!
And then winning revival right after - peace now, freedom now, equality now, justice forever.
DHP presenting Best Actress in a Musical. So funny!!! 
Being yelled at by Alice Ripley.
Audra being awkward.
NPH's fun closing number - "This show could not be gayer, if Liza was named mayor, and Elton John took flight!" LOL

And biggest shenanigan moment of the night:
Best Leading Actor in a Musical = Best Leading Male Role in a Musical.  
are you SERIOUS, Tony Committee? Did you REALLY just reward a ROLE, not a PERFORMANCE? If the Billys were ALL that good, they should have all been nominated separately, not together. End rant.

And I feel sorry for the poor sound guys who are CLEARLY going to be fired.  

TONYs only T-365 days! :)

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