Friday, July 10, 2009

I actually DO love fashion!

Gasp! It's true.  For anyone who has met me, I pretty much dress like a total shlump all the time.  Mostly because I work from home, and rarely go outside before 5pm.  My entire wardrobe pretty much consists of PJs.  C'est tout.

But I do love following fashion.  (Another big problem of mine, aside from PJ syndrome, is my size.  Not to beat myself up (although I DO), but I'm a pretty big girl.  The cool clothes I see online/in magazines? Yeah, I can't really wear them.  And even if they DO make my size, it usually isn't flattering.)  And I'm going to make more of an effort with my ensembles.  Maybe it'll finally be the motivation I need to get into shape (I would say get BACK into shape, but c'mon, who are we kidding here? :) I'm just dealing with facts, people.)

My biggest inspiration is Jess over at What I Wore (check here out HERE if you haven't's pretty awesome, and SHE'S pretty awesome.)  The choices she makes and the incredible outfits she builds from her wardrobe rocks my socks (haha, socks! like, clothing. i funny girl.  FANNY BRYCE!  Ok, note to in the afternoon = bad idea.)

So I have decided to clear out my wardrobe.  I can't afford much new right now, the moola, it is tight.  But maybe I'll start posting fashiony related stuff too.  OOOH, maybe I'll flea market it this weekend - I have been meaning to check out the Boston flea market scene, but I'm a lazy f*ckaboo.

Peace and love.

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