Saturday, July 4, 2009


OK, it's definitely been a while, and for that I fail fail fail.  BUT, exciting things have happened in the meanwhile, the MOST exciting of which was I saw HAIR on Broadway!!! It was absolutely everything I thought it was going to be, and so much more.  My thoughts (hardly a review):

I find HAIR to still be extremely relative, in it's own way.  Yes, most of us "young folk" don't know what it's like to be drafted, but aside from that, we certainly understand being in the middle of a war we don't find necessary, and being told who we are isn't acceptable.  (Andrew Kober's Margaret Meade speech about parents going home and telling their kids it's ok to be who they are got a HUGE round of applause.)  The only part I REALLY found outdated (though I'm sure in some parts of the country it would still be ick) is my favorite part of the show: the Black Boys/White Boys songs - interracial relations are SO not the deal they used to be - or maybe I don't see it that way because I'm part of an interracial family!  But I digress - the story is still profoundly relevant, so much so that I was in tears at the end.  

The performances given by the cast were absolutely INCREDIBLE.  Let's start with Will Swenson - who played Berger.  WOW.  SO robbed of the Tony.  I've never seen anyone give a performance like that in my LIFE.  I would imagine it would be very difficult to play someone who lives impulse to impulse (not to mention tiring), but Swenson is in it from beginning to end (and he has a sweet tush! LOL!!!)  Gavin Creel was also spectacular - his voice is divine.  Other standouts in the cast for me were Allison Case (Crissy), Jackie Burns (Black Boys Trio - FIERCEST BELTRESS EVER! I want to go back and see her Sheila!), Andrew Kober (Margaret Meade), Bryce Ryness (Woof) and Theo Stockman (Tribe - I don't know but I was so taken by his performance - so intense and a little creepy!).  Sasha Allen was out, which was disappointing, but Saycon Sengbloh was PHENOM.

Cast interactions - probably the best part of the show.  The cast was EVERYWHERE, almost all the time! Climbing on seats, handing out flowers/flyers, running up and down the aisles.  I scored a SICK seat - D2 (which is third row, on the aisle), and got tons of great interaction! I got smiled at, winked at, my hair played with, my sunglasses played with, I got a Be-In flyer, and my favorite - Darius Nichols, who plays Hud, kissed me on the forehead.  ADORABLE!! I was also close enough that I could rush up on stage at the end for the dance party.  Yes, I sang and danced on the B'way!!!

OK, so that was way too long and rambly.  But seriously, folks.  GO SEE THIS SHOW.  You really really really won't regret it.

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